PMB 2400

The permanent magnet beam is front-mounted onto the AS 990 airport sweeper. It picks up magnetic objects over a working width of 2,400 mm. The height adjustable castor wheels stabilise the operation and regulate the downward pressure of the broom.

The device was designed to be part of the quick-change system. The whole front end can be mounted onto, or demounted from, the vehicle plate within minutes. A separate electrohydraulic system raises or lowers the magnet.

Tekniske Spesifikasjoner

PMB 2400
Bredde (cm) 2.400
Drift hev og senk vehicle hydraulics or electrohydraulics
Montering on the vehicle mounting plate
Vekt ca. (kg) 350
Tetthet 300 Gauss with a ground clearance of 100 mm

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